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How to use CEQUA

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Using CEQUA is simple

Just use one drop of CEQUA in both eyes, twice a day.

Outline of a tear drop to show that you only need 1 drop of CEQUA in both eyes, twice a day, to help increase tear production.

One drop

Outline of an eye to show that you need to place 1 drop of CEQUA into both eyes, twice a day, to help increase tear production.

Both Eyes

Icon of 2x with an arrow circling it to show that CEQUA needs to be taken twice a day to help chronic dry eye.

Twice a day

Easy tips to keep your eyes at ease

An outline drawing of the single-use vial that CEQUA™ (cyclosporine ophthalmic solution) 0.09% comes in for chronic dry eye.

CEQUA comes in a single-use vial and should be used right away

Don’t let the tip of the vial touch your eye or any other surface

Don’t use CEQUA while wearing contacts. You can place them back in 15 minutes after using CEQUA

Artificial tears may be used 15 minutes after using CEQUA

Use CEQUA exactly as your doctor prescribes

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Don’t let up when fighting chronic dry eye

To fight inflammation you need to keep taking your medicine twice a day, every day.

While over-the-counter drops temporarily wet your eyes, they don’t treat the underlying cause of dry eye—inflammation. Only a prescription medication can do that. With CEQUA, it’s possible for your chronic dry eye to start improving in as little as 1 month, and your eyes may start producing more tears in just 3 months. While this is a good sign, you shouldn’t stop taking CEQUA—it needs to be taken every day for the best results.

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Important Safety Information


CEQUA™ (cyclosporine ophthalmic solution) 0.09% is a topical solution that helps to increase the production of natural tears in your eye. Dry eye disease may affect the ability of your eyes to produce its own tears.


Do not use CEQUA if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Be careful not to allow the vial tip to touch your eye or any surfaces, to help avoid potential eye injury or contamination of the product.

CEQUA should not be used while wearing contact lenses. If contact lenses are worn, they should be removed prior to using CEQUA and may be reinserted after 15 minutes.

Put one drop of CEQUA twice daily (approximately 12 hours apart) into each eye using a single-use vial. The solution should be used immediately after opening, and discard the vial and remaining contents immediately after using.

The most common side effects that may be experienced while using CEQUA include: eye pain after administering drops and eye redness. Other side effects reported were eye irritation, eyelid inflammation, headache, and urinary tract infection.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit www.fda.gov/medwatch or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Please see the Full Prescribing Information.